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DIY Benefits

Working with Discovery IT Group


At Discovery IT Group, we value our clients, partners, candidates, contractors, and direct-hire placements.  When you work with Discovery IT Group, you will be eligible for the same benefits as our internal employees.  

  • In-depth conversations covering job descriptions, requirements, and client background
  • Assistance in resume preparation highlighting your exceptional skills
  • Interview preparation as well as interview feedback 
  • Competitive and fair compensation
  • 401(K) retirement plan eligibility
  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • Short and long term disability
  • Life insurance
  • Intuitive, streamlined and simplified onboarding
  • Full access to our user-friendly Consultant Portal where you can manage all of your HR and pay needs
  • A dedicated, full-cycle recruiter and account manager to assist you with any questions, concerns or requests

We appreciate your interest in partnering with Discovery IT Group, and look forward to assisting you in identifying your next role!


Candidate Experience

If one of your customers called saying they were concerned about your services, would you wait days before returning their call? Probably not. The same should hold true for your candidates. 51% of candidates will share their positive experiences and 35% will share their negative experiences publicly online.10 Good or bad, candidate experience has a direct impact on your brand. 

Many of today’s candidates won’t consider a position if training, coaching, or mentoring is not offered. Providing these options also gives your new hires a reason to stay. Those with mentors are twice as likely to stay with a company more than 5 years (68% vs 32%).13 If your company does not yet have the resources to provide formal in-house trainings or the funds to send employees to industry events, then consider a company-wide subscription to an online video training platform. 

Here’s how to improve candidate experience at each stage of the hiring process:

These are some candidate experience best practices:

  • We make sure were hiring to fill a need.  
  • Writing clear job descriptions. 
  • It's important for us to follow up early and often. 
  • We value communication throughout the entire hiring process
  • Making sure the candidate has all the information needed to do well. 

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We are passionate about the candidate experience to ensure your employment brand impression is second to none.