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Location: Denver, CO
Job Type: Contract to Hire, Remote

Job Description


As a Cloud Database Engineer you will be responsible for managing cloud data solutions in AWS and GCP. You will work with development and SRE teams to design, implement, and support various data services in both production and non-production environments.


· Proven ability to architect scalable and resilient cloud database solutions

· Advanced knowledge of Relational, NoSQL, and Key-Value databases

· Competency in various AWS and GCP data services

· Adept in the deployment of data platforms in a cloud ecosystem utilizing common security benchmarks such as CIS and NIST

· Strong competency in documenting architecture and support needs

· Fluency in communication and relaying of technical details on feature operation and design decisions within the working team

· Able to lead Proof-of-Concept activities for new cloud database services


· Performs common database administration/maintenance tasks such database backups, indexing, performance tuning, account management, audits, and monitor logs and alerts

· Automation and schema management using technologies like Ansible, Terraform, Flyway, or Liquibase

· Build dashboards and performance insights using tools such as Dynatrace, Splunk, and Grafana

· Participate in agile workflows to improve products and services

· Collaborate with development teams to influence data structure decisions

· Contribute to the body-of-knowledge relating to new and existing software platforms

· Work with business and IT leads to support reporting and BI capabilities


Education: Four (4) year degree or equivalent experience

Experience: 3+ years

Skills: Proficiency in (several): SQL (Postgres and MySQL), NoSQL (Document Store and GraphQL), RDS, CloudSQL, Aurora, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore, DynamoDB, S3, Cloud Storage, IaC and version control systems, Stored Procedures and Functions

Tools: AWS or GCP (required), Schema Management (required), Performance Monitoring (required), Jenkins (preferred)


· Customer Focus · Results Driven · Problem Solver · Forward Looking · Peer Relationships · Teamwork Oriented · High Learning Capacity · Creativity · Data Centric · Scalable Solutions · CI/CD · Automation Centric

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