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Location: Palo Alto, CA
Job Type: Full Time, Remote
Job Code: JPC - 108

Job Description

Job Title: Senior Front-End Engineer

Type: Full Time


  • Palo Alto, CA.
  • Remote options available.

We are looking for highly creative, detail-oriented, front end developers to create highly usable Web applications.

Hard Skills:

  • Production experience building with JavaScript Framework advanced concepts (e.g. component/file topologies, tree-shaking, scope hoisting, MVC, etc.), technologies, and tooling (e.g. React/Redux/Next.js, Vue/Nuxt.js, etc.
  • Production experience with CSS advanced concepts, technologies (e.g. pre-processors, post-processors, etc.), tooling, and frameworks (e.g. Tailwind, Bulma, Bootstrap, etc.)
  • Production experience building PWA & Cross-Platform Application concepts, technologies, and tooling
  • Experience with code version control concepts (e.g. SemVer Versioning, Conventional Commits, Blue-Green Deployments, Releases/Rollbacks, etc.), technologies (e.g. Git/GitHub), and tooling (e.g. commitizen, semantic-release, np, etc.)
  • Production experience global distribution pipelines (i.e. CDN’s), concepts/methodologies (e.g. latency, first-bit elapse times, viewport prioritization, DNS caching, async/defer links/scripts, etc.), technologies, and tooling (e.g. Render, Netlify, Vercel, etc.)
  • Experience with multi-product/package production deployments using Browser API’s (e.g. Mozilla’s WebRTC API, Mozilla’s Location API, etc.) and Browser Extension APIs, etc.
  • Production experience with client-side storage methodologies (e.g. GZip, Hash Tables, etc.), technologies (e.g. IndexedDB, Local & Session Storage, Cookies, Web SQL, Cache, etc.) and tooling
  • Experience with SEO methodologies (e.g. descriptive tagging, OpenGraph meta tags, niche back-linking, etc.), technologies, and tooling
  • Production experience building composable, wrappable, tappable, chainable, and mutable (i.e. middleware) components
  • Multi-environment/deployment (e.g. local, staging, production, testing, etc.) experience.
  • Experience consuming and integrating with third-party APIs (e.g. GraphQL, REST, SOAP, etc.)
  • Production experience with test-driven & behavior-driven development methodologies, technologies, and tooling (i.e. Mocha/Chai, Jest, Puppeteer, Nightwatch, Selenium, etc.)
  • Experience with package management concepts (e.g. footprint minimization), methodologies, technologies, and tooling (e.g. Parcel, Webpack, NPM, Cargo, PIP, etc.)

Soft Skills:

  • Passionate about infrastructure work for yourself and your teammates
  • Comfortable moving quickly and working directly with customers for feedback
  • Developing data visualizations that handle vast amounts of data at low latency
  • Strong communication and time-management skills. Eager and ready to work with a distributed team across all US time zones.


  • Experience working with offline and peer-to-peer technologies (e.g. Service Workers, DAT Protocol, IPFS, etc.)
  • Experience measuring and troubleshooting the performance of systems, as well as testing and automating deployment (CI/CD, Terraform)
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