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Location: Englewood, CO
Job Type: Contract to Hire, Full Time

Job Description

Job Title: Senior System Administrator

Location: Englewood, CO

Type: CTH or Full Time

Salary: $108k

Network Engineering (cross-section of relevant skills):

● Experience specific to automation for cloud networking build & configuration in AWS is the primary skill set we are looking for more of… services such as… Control Tower, Serverless Transit Network Orchestrator, Transit Gateway, PrivateLink, Lambda, Route 53 architectures such as… VPC multi-tier, multi-az public/private subnetting, NLB/ALBs, Egress-only IGW, Palo Alto VM firewalls with threat prevention, Security Groups, Direct Connect, VPN, IPv6 automation such as… using CloudFormation and Terraform via Gitlab to push Infrastructure as Code whenever possible

● Good working knowledge of networking protocols and constructs such as TCP, UDP, IP, VLAN, VRF, BGP, OSPF

● Practical experience related to LAN, WAN, and VPN connectivity in a hybrid-cloud data center environment would be tremendously helpful in this role

● Experience with the public cloud network infrastructure of GCP is a plus

● Project Implementation:

● Provide advanced technical leadership for complex project work, including functional subsystem upgrades for mission-critical network devices and services as well as strategic upgrades to the network core

● Supply advanced technical direction and leadership to junior members of the data networking team through the planning and implementation processes

● Establish requirements, provide analysis for network and services specifications, network design, network partitioning, and network architecture definition Provide advanced expertise in the development of network test, validation, and integration plans on projects, and ensure maintenance of network integrity throughout project development.

Network Operations:

● Maintaining daily operational responsibility for reliability of the corporate network

● Manages enterprise network systems and services to an operational uptime of 99.95%

● Responsible for design and implementation of data network services and performs network testing and evaluation testing on a regular basis

● Conducts advanced enterprise-level performance tuning as well as network performance audits on a regular basis

● Monitors ongoing availability of network services and processes.

● Proficient hands on experience and understanding of fundamental networking concepts and protocols including IP subnetting

● Demonstrated expertise with switching and routing protocols such as MPLS, BGP, and OSPF

● Validate that customer network configurations are functioning per designs by validating log flows, event threshold settings, and alarm notification settings

Education and Experience:

● Bachelor’s degree in Computer/Network Engineering or related field; six to eight years as a data network specialist in a medium to large enterprise network; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Skills and Qualifications:

● Advanced knowledge of network monitoring and performance tools for networks, including for cloud network infrastructure

● Strategic thinker, strong interest and aptitude in collaborative big picture, enterprise-wide network infrastructure roadmaps

● A commitment to improving processes and to customer satisfaction

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially regarding taking requirements from application owners, developers and consumers of the cloud network and translating them into networking specifications for implementation and into non-technical verbiage for summary to leadership

● A results-oriented team player who will work towards meeting team commitments and has the ability to work collaboratively within a cross-functional team

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