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Location: Westboro, MA
Job Type: Contract

Job Description

Please see the client’s job req below: Pay rate is $90-$120 hr, but the client wants to stay closer to the $90 range. If it is a strong candidate, they are okay to pay. 


Positions Time: If the client likes the candidate, then it will be a year or longer.

Contract Position

Please make sure the candidate is a US person.

Candidate must have excellent and clear communication (English language) skills.

We have an immediate need for two software developers with the following skills/experience as listed below.  The requirements are a bit different from our typical developer profile.  Note that the developer will need to accept a hybrid role with Monday – Wednesday at our client’s offices in Westboro, MA and the other days remote.  Occasionally, the developer may also need to come to our Worcester offices.

 Here are the requirements and we are looking for 5-20+ years of experience:

 –Java Programming: Proficiency in writing clean, efficient, and well-structured Java code.

 –Java Frameworks: Familiarity with Java frameworks like Spring

 –Testing: Knowledge of testing frameworks like JUnit

 –Aspect-Oriented Programming Frameworks: Familiarity with AOP frameworks and libraries, such as Spring AOP or AspectJ

 –Build Tools: Understanding of build tools such as Apache Ant or Gradle to automate the build and deployment process

 –CI/CD: Familiarity with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery

 –Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Understanding and application of OOP concepts

 –Version Control: Familiarity with version control systems like Git

 –IDEs (Integrated Development Environments): Proficiency in using Java IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or NetBeans for coding and debugging.

 –Debugging and Troubleshooting: Skills in debugging code, identifying and fixing bugs, and optimizing code for performance.

 –Problem Solving: The ability to analyze problems, break them down into smaller components, and develop solutions efficiently.

 –Documentation: The ability to create clear and comprehensive code documentation for future maintainability.

 –Work will be to upgrade java packages to JDK17, upgrade CDK versions from 1.0 to latest, and to assist with unblocking CI/CD pipelines and handling version discrepancies.


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