51% of candidates will share their positive experiences and 35% will share their negative experiences publicly online.

Good or bad, candidate experience has a direct impact on your brand. Discovery IT Group takes the extra steps to make sure you have a great candidate/client experience!  

In today’s hiring world, questions about skills and experiences just aren’t enough. You need to know the candidate by the time you’re done talking with them. That is, really understand their passions, technical ability, motivations, ideal working environment, and cultural fit.   Questions like, what do you know about our company and opportunity. This shows how interested they are in the position and the company. It will be pretty obvious if they’ve only taken a perfunctory glance at your website compared to a thorough deep dive. It also indirectly provides insight into applicants’ soft skills, like attention to detail and motivation. These are qualities that are often challenging to evaluate during an interview.